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DATE OF BIRTH:                     24 November 1914

OCCUPATION:                        Shop Assistant and Housewife

RESIDENCE:                           Kenilworth Square and Coventry, England

MARRIED:                              DATE                            DECEASED

John Corrigan                             22 August 1945                 16 September 1990


Name                                     Date of Birth                   Deceased

Ann Corrigan                             4 February 1947

Carol Corrigan                            23 April 1948

David Corrigan                           1 May 1950

Desmond Corrigan                       8 January 1955

Jacinta Corrigan                          29 November 1957






Sophia, also known as Sophie, is the eldest child of Carl and Mary Oppermann and was born in 27 Synge Street.    She went to school in the Sisters of Charity in Terenure where she completed her intermediate and leaving certificates.  Sophie went to work at 18 years of age in Findlaters, O’Connell Street where she started her apprenticeship.   After two years she decided she wanted to work as a shop assistant and not in the clerical area.  While working in Findlaters she was promoted to take charge of the butter department where she had a number of people working to her.


While working in Findlaters she met John Corrigan, after a number of year he asked her out to a dance and they were engaged and married within two years.   They had a double wedding in August 1945 with her sister Frances.   The wedding took place in the Three Patrons Church, Rathgar and the reception was held in Kenilworth Square.  They went to Portrush on their honeymoon, it took two days to get there.


On their return they lived in Kennilworth Square until they got a house in Merrion Avenue.   

John at this time was Manager in Findlaters.   In September 1959 Sophia and John went to live in Coventry.


As a young girl Sophia loved to play tennis, she was a member of the Orwell Tennis Club in Rathgar.  She also liked to swim, walk and dance.  Sophia enjoyed debating and she was a member of a debating society in Harcourt Street.    




Sophie with Frances and her cousin: PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\SophieandFrancesOppermann.jpg


Sophie with Frances, Seamus, Johnny and Walter: PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\SophieWalterJohnnyFrancesandSeamus.jpg


Sophie’s Double Wedding with Frances: PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\SophieandFrancesWeddingBackGardenPhoto.jpg


Sophie with Johnny and Jim Donnelly at the Family 2004 Gathering: PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\Johnny, Jim and Sophie.JPG


Sophie, Frances and Johnny at the Family 2004 Gathering: PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\Johnny, Frances and Sophie.JPG


Sophie’s 90th Birthday Party:

PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\party1.jpg

PhotosMO\G5-Carl Oppermann and Mary Farrell\Sophie\Party2.jpg

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